We Make Joining Snaps To It!TM Fun & Easy!

Snaps To It!TM products are so unique, fun and appeal to such a wide age range they practically sell themselves!

Snaps To It’s programs are a combination of the best aspects of direct sales programs based on the 20+ years of experience of our management team. And it just keeps getting better and better!

Customers have fun creating their own custom jewelry from our diverse high quality product line that contains jewelry base pieces and snaps for everyone! We work with our manufactures to get the best of the best products and exclusive items only available through Snaps To It Independent Consultants!

Why Should You Become A Snaps To It Independent Consultant?


There are so many reasons our wonderful Consultants have joined us…here are just a few:

S – Simple: We designed our programs to be easy to follow and share with others. Each Independent Consultant gets their own web site to share with friends and family and customers. Our product line is diverse but easy to sell as the products almost sell themselves. Our Starter Kits provide a large number of snaps and jewelry to wear and share!

N – New Product Line: Our fun customizable jewelry line and beautiful snaps are new and exciting and people LOVE them! With many Snaps To It exclusive products, you will have unique products to share with everyone! With our product guarantee you can feel confident sharing the products and your customers can feel confident that what they purchase will be of the highest quality.

A – Affordable Pricing: We offer great quality at affordable prices. We set our prices so customers can get a few base pieces and add many snaps to their collections. Some of our customers have even said they love our products so much that they have become “snap-a-holics”!

P – People: Snaps To It puts their people first! Our customers get great quality products with a guarantee. Our Independent Consultants get a business they can tailor to fit their needs/goals. With no monthly minimum sales requirement, you can work as much as you want without the pressure! We want you to succeed at your speed!

S – Snap Start Program: Earn additional FREE jewelry with our easy to achive Snap Start Program in your first 90 days! You can earn up to $1000 in extra free products!!

T – Team Culture: Make lots of new friends and get out and have fun sharing the products with everyone! Our company is like a family and each new member makes it special! We truly believe in a TEAM culture because we know Together Everyone Achieves More!

O – Opportunity: We are new and expanding across the country and there are many states we are looking for our first representatives in! We are also expanding into Puerto Rico and Guam and are looking for our first representatives there! Join now as one of our “Founding Consultants” and help us build our company and get leads from the Corporate Office!

I – Income: As a Snaps To It!™ consultant, you earn a Base Commission on every piece sold (retail sales) and additional Personal Sales Bonuses and Team Sales Bonuses based on your level and personal/team sales each month! Your income can grow quickly when others join your team and we help support them in reaching their sales goals! You can earn a commission on your new team members from the very start!!

T – Technology & Training: We have provided our Independent Consultants with their own replicated web site to share with friends and family and customers. We continue to strive to bring the latest technologies to our business so our Consultants have the best tools possible. The best part is that the company keeps all of the sites updated so all you have to do is share your web site with everyone! People love to shop online and with you and Snaps To It they can 24/7 and the products are shipped directly to the customer! We also have online training videos for our Consultants, a Facebook Team Page and so much more! We continue to add new training material and resources through the Consultant Back Office that each Consultant gets when they join!

A Snaps To It!TM Business is fun to start! Get in on the “Ground Floor”! Be the very first in your area!


We have now been in business for 1 1/2 years with a great product line and an amazing Company Management Team who are committed to making this an outstanding business opportunity for everyone! We have grown tremendously and are looking to expand into every state and Puerto Rico and Guam by the end of 2016!

We have no territories and with the ability to share the products via online orders (via your outstanding Independent Consultant website), fundraisers, parties, individual shopping appointments, fairs, etc. give you so many opportunities to run your successful business the way you want.

We work hard to make it easy to run your business!

*Host/Hostess rewards are paid for by Snaps To It.

*Credit Card fees for orders placed online by customers and consultants are paid for by Snaps To It.

*Websites updated by Snaps To It.

And so much more!! This helps you keep more of your commissions by cutting down on your business costs!


We believe that when you succeed we are successful!

Join us and let us help you reach your goals!

Have questions you would like to ask before joining?

Our Consultant Support Specialist is here to help you.

You can email her at juliesnapstoit@gmail.com or call Julie at 707-287-1013.

Executive Consultant Clyde Van Vliet:

“I met Julie at the Solano County Fair. She was sharing the snaps, jewelry and business opportunity with everyone. People loved the jewelry and snaps and she was so busy she could hardly keep up with all the customers! I saw the way people reacted to the snaps and jewelry and I was hooked! Julie signed me up at the end of the first day and I have been building a strong business over the last year with Julie’s help and mentoring. I am working on my promotion to Manager and I am excited to have this awesome opportunity and share it with others! Getting started now will get you in on the ground floor with an amazing company and you will not regret joining us!”

Keeping up to date with specials and all of the upcoming new product introductions is easy!
Just “Like” our Facebook Page at:


Snaps To It is a ground floor opportunity that is designed to be fun and rewarding for everyone involved! I am committed to working with my team of Business Partners and Independent Consultants to build a strong company that is committed to providing a great quality product for our customers and an amazing business opportunity! Snaps To It! was started in January 2015. View More

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