We Put The Fun in Fundraising!

At Snaps To It, we know how important it is to give back to your community. In fact, generosity is one of Snaps To It’s core values. Fundraising is a perfect way for your supporters to help your organization reach your fundraising goal!

Offer something new!

No more overpriced cookie dough, magazines, or wrapping paper!

Just some of the reasons our fundraising program is so successful:

  1. Customizable jewelry and accessories is a great way for people to express themselves or to create a custom gift for someone else!
  2. Our products are fun and new to the market!
  3. Our products are unique and are very popular and many people buy more than one along with snaps and/or charms! Larger per person orders means more funds raised for your organization!
  4. You get an Independent Consultant to assist you with your fundraiser who is dedicated to making it as successful as possible!
  5. You can do your fundraiser in many ways, tailored to suit your organization and it’s goals! In person sales, online sales, or both! With an online fundraiser (all online or combined with in person sales), people from around the country can order and have it shipped right to them and your organization gets credit from all of the sales!
  6. Orders are pre-sorted and packaged for you!


We offer a lot of fun plus a generous donation percentage. To get more information and have an Independent Consultant develop a fundraising plan just for you, please fill out the contact form and we will have someone call you right away!


Fundraisers are conducted online and/or with a set up at your location.

We will provide you with a fundraiser flyer to hand out to your members so they can share it with their friends and family. We will also provide you with a customized e-mail text so that you can quickly and easily send it out to all your members with the flyer attached and they can forward it to their friends and family all around the country.

Orders will be shipped directly to the customer so you will not have to deliver items! Orders will arrive approximately 3-4 weeks after the fundraiser is over.

All the customers need to do is put the name of your organization in the comment block at checkout and your organization will get credit for the order!

Call us today to schedule your fundraiser and get the funds on their way to achieve your goals!


Snaps To It is a ground floor opportunity that is designed to be fun and rewarding for everyone involved! I am committed to working with my team of Business Partners and Independent Consultants to build a strong company that is committed to providing a great quality product for our customers and an amazing business opportunity! Snaps To It! was started in January 2015. View More

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