Beautiful Custom Jewelry & Accessories “In A Snap!”

Our company was started to offer a fun home based business opportunity with a fun new customizable product. The interchangeable snap jewelry and accessories was that jewelry line that provided a product line that is in high demand and is fun to sell.

After setting up the company out of the Snaps To It home office, the Snaps To It!™ line was shown to friends who loved the jewelry. The company grew quickly and started spreading across the country!

Our Founder decided to take her years of network marketing experience and create a direct sales company that would be fun and rewarding for everyone involved! Her focus on providing high quality products at a reasonable price and a generous compensation plan lays the ground work for a hugely successful company!

Snaps To It!™ is a company dedicated to making their representatives successful and helping them achieve their goals.

In the past year, we have added:

  1. A fundraising program that offers organizations a fun new way to raise money.
  2. An online Live Party option where our Consultants can demonstrate the products for party guests who can participate from the comfort of their own homes. Guests can ask questions, see the products, shop online and create a wish list of items they want.
  3. An enhanced compenstation plan. We have increased the percentages paid to consultants as well as added Business Builder bonuses! We are focused on adding more to our Compensation plan as the company grows. Our goal is to have the best compensation plan that rewards consultants in many ways!
  4. A larger 12mm line and custom snap options. We are now working with our manufacturer to add more custom products including gold jewelry base pieces.
  5. Consultant replicated web sites so each new Consultant has their own web site to share with their friends and family.

With our team of business builders, we are looking to add more and more as the company continues to grow. We are excited about the future and hope you join us today and get in on this wonderful ground floor opportunity.

Our Mission

Our company’s mission is to provide high quality, fun, fashionable jewelry and accessories and to empower people to have their own business and to earn an income while working around their family’s schedule!

Snaps To It is a ground floor opportunity that is designed to be fun and rewarding for everyone involved! I am committed to working with my team of Business Partners and Independent Consultants to build a strong company that is committed to providing a great quality product for our customers and an amazing business opportunity! Snaps To It! was started in January 2015. View More

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